Friday, 7 December 2012

Types of resources - the board game!

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Another of my ideas for a game - this one trying not to re-invent the wheel, but directly re-using content from the SOURCES game I'm finishing off.

It uses a circular board, counters, two dice (one modified), and cards from the SOURCES game.

The board would have 6 different tiles to land on, spaced throughout the game board.

1) Draw an assignment card (this tells people how many source cards of each type to collect for a certain number of points) - there would be relatively few of these tiles.
2) Draw a source card (this from a pack kept in the centre of the board) - perhaps a third of the tiles would be this.
3) Ask a Librarian - draw a wildcard from the librarian pack (kept in the centre of the board). This offers help like multipling cards already held, or acting as any source card. Relatively few of these.
4) Bonus throw - throw the dice again. (few of these)
5) Choice - roll a dice with 3 choice on it. One is move again (roll the other die!); one is draw a librarian card; the third is draw a resources card. (As many tiles as (1) & (4) combined.)
6)  The start point!

(Possibly a 7th tile -  Picture of a robber on! Allows the player to steal resource cards from another player. Roll a die to decide how many - they can then steal up to that amount, dependant on number of cards in the other players hand.)

Each turn, the player can:

a) Roll a die to move.
b) Ask if anyone wants to trade resources (they can offer multiple cards for one sought after item if they wish).

The game is governed by a timer under control of the instructor. After 10 minutes a 3 minute warning is given. This should allow players to re-consider their strategy if need be and go after quick points. After the extra 3 minutes is over, play stops. Players add up their points (given on the SOURCES assignment cards) for full sets / assignments completed to decide who is the winner.

Use: Introduce different information sources
Format: Board game
Time to play: 15 - 20 minutes.
Players: 2-6

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