Saturday, 20 June 2020

New Article - Playful Learning for Information Literacy Development

Screenshot of the start of the first page of the article        

I've just had an article published in the IFLA Journal, a loooong time after writing it (and roughly a year after it had been reviewed, revised, and copy-edited). It's behind a Sage paywall at the moment, but IFLA will put the whole issue up as open access on their site shortly, plus it should appear on my institutional repository soon. Happy to email it to anyone who can't access it too, just give a shout :)

Abstract follows... 

Play is often seen as frivolous, childish, suitable only for young children. In contrast, this paper will discuss the idea that using playful learning approaches is often a good fit for the development of information literacy in all ages. To do this, it will outline the meaning of information literacy that the author takes, explain where playful learning is placed within learning theories and pedagogies, and show why and how they fit together. Examples of playful practice in library and information literacy training will be given to illustrate current practice, together with gaps within that practice. It will briefly address some of the barriers to using playful learning approaches in information literacy development, and offer some ways forward for information literacy practitioners.