Saturday, 8 December 2012

Magic Map induction game

Penfriend image
(Image from RNIB shop -

Another of my own game ideas. This one uses a Penfriend (link to RNIB shop above!) which is a device designed to allow blind or partially sighted people to put audio labels on their shopping. You attach a small label to something, then use the "pen" to record a message related to where you've put the label - then simply press the pen to the label at a future time to hear the message played back.

You could easily create a variation using QR codes or even Aurasma to play back the clues.

1) A floor plan (or plans, one page per floor of the library) would be printed out and the Penfriend labels put on key parts of the floor, instructions on how to play the game printed on the back, then laminate the plans.

2) Record clues that direct players to particular sections of the library you want them to explore - the clue should allow them to discover a secret question hidden somewhere in that location.

3) The people undertaking the induction would have a limited time to listen to the clues, seek out the questions, and then answer them! Answering the questions would be done via a web interface - perhaps through the Virtual Learning Environment (such as Blackboard or Moodle) which would allow the inbuilt quiz and tracking tools to be used. Questions should be a mix of easy and hard ones - with the most important feature being exploring the library to find the questions!

4) Variations could be created for different subject areas - simply hand out different floor plans for different subjects.

5) At a previously agreed time, create a leaderboard from the entries -perhaps offering a small prize to every group to get full points.

Key Points:
Use: For library inductions / orientation
Format: Mix of print & online - interactive guide.
Time to play: Between 30 & 60 minutes
Players: Groups of up to 6

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