Saturday, 15 February 2014

More workshops - Manchester & London

More workshops! This time they're slightly shorter...

I've just arranged two more workshops, this time half day (afternoon only) ones and tried to make them as affordable as possible for new professionals and students.

The first is in Manchester on 15th May, the second in London on 13th June.

I've tweaked the content and reduced the timings so they'll fit into an afternoon. This saves money on catering, room hire, and in the case of London, travel & accommodation! It'll still be touch and go whether they break even, but I thought it was worth doing to give more new professionals and students the chance to attend. I've had feedback in the past from people who wanted to go, but their employers wouldn't fund them and they couldn't afford a full priced event. This is their chance!

BTW - do you like my new logo? This is to cover all the bits and pieces I do out of my "normal" job, such as these workshops and the new affordable LIS publishing house I've started.