Thursday, 6 December 2012

Top Resources

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As well as blogging ideas to come out of the workshops, I also thought I'd blog a series of my (sometimes vague!) games for libraries ideas... so here is the first of a series of them! Five more are lined up to be released over the next few days...

 Top Resources would be a card game in the style of Top Trumps. Each card would highlight a library resource (Databases, key journals, books etc.).

The cards would have the following printed on them:
Top Resources Logo
Name of the Resource
Academic Rigour (score out of 100)
Ease of Access (score out of 100)
Amount of Content (score out of 100)
Currency (score out of 100)
Specialism (out of 20)
Text description of the resource

Would aim for 30-50 cards from the key resources my library might want to promote. The back of the cards would echo the Top Resources logo printed at the top of the page.
As an extra, it'd be nice to include a small number of "Top Resource!" stars on the top 2 or 3 resources to promote...

Key elements:
Use: for library publicity and for Introducing the range of resources available.
Format: Cards
Time to play: 10 minutes?
Players: normally 2 - could easily have a variation to allow 3 or 4.

Update! Been having a go at producing a "Top Resources" template that can easily be filled in using Word... this is what my quick go looks like! Will have to try and populate with some content now...

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