Thursday, 20 December 2012

Feedback from Making Games for Libraries event in Leeds

I circulated an online feedback form after the Leeds event (if you attended and haven't filled it in yet, please do!) - thought I'd just share a few things from it!
  • 100% of those filling in the form so far (19th December) rated the workshop Good or Excellent, which I'm quite pleased with! 
  •  92% of people said they Probably or Definitely will develop their game further, so hopefully we'll get some great games being developed in more libraries!
Finally a few choice bits from the free text "What did you think of the day?":

  • Really well planned and facilitated. Fun as well as productive.  It's good to go away with ideas which can be put into practice for a change.  Well done to Andy for taking the plunge to run something totally different, and to make it so successful.  I think you should offer it to other regions.
  • Andrew Walsh is a whirling dervish of activity! Great day.
  • Enjoyed the practical, hands on and group work focus of the day. Made for a very productive learning environment.
  • Really good - speaking to others and sharing ideas, listening to others ideas! Showed how easy it can be to get creative and come up with a decent conept/game to apply in teaching. Very practical and worthwhile.
  • A great event.  Inspired to create games for library sessions
  • Great - very enjoyable and well organised

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