Monday, 23 March 2020

Play in HE zine 7

two zines on a table
We're up to zine #7 (out of a theoretical 10) posted out now, with the latest one being a special pandemic in HE edition... I'm not sure what will happen with the final 3 as they were meant to be produced and sent out over the next few months, which is likely to be peak time for the pandemic.

I'm also working from home, so expecting my paper and printer ink to last long enough to create about 250 copies of zines (plus extra bits and bats) might be pushing it to say the least... and I don't really want to be getting extra supplies in during peak pandemic!

So I might have to do just one print copy (the final one?) and a couple of electronic only versions? I'm not yet sure...

Anyway, the first 7 are all on the OneHE foundation pages for members (as they provided a small grant for the project). I still intend pulling the content together and sharing it for anyone else, but not until the end, which should be this summer at some point!