Monday, 17 December 2012

SORTED - the full details

Thanks to the SORTED team (Barbara Sakarya & Sue Foran), here are the full notes on their referencing jigsaw to add to the initial video!

 SORTED:  The referencing jigsaw 


  • A jigsaw 
  • An egg timer (if needed) 

Aim of the game 

  • To complete 1 or more lines of a reference in the correct order

Number of players 

  • 1 or more 
  • Can be played individually or in pairs as a 5-10 minute ice-breaker 


  • A referencing jigsaw made up of a total of 30 pieces consisting of 5 lines of 6, each line being one reference from a specific resource. 
  • Each line of the puzzle should be colour-coded on the front and back. 
  •  The back of each puzzle piece should be labelled with the type of resource (journal article, book, etc.). 
  • The base of each puzzle piece should contain what each part of the reference is (place and publisher, pages, volume, etc.) 
  • The prototype contains a reference on each line from an e-book, website, journal article, book, and chapter from a book. 
  • These can be changed and made to your specific needs.
  •  Ideally, the puzzle should be the size of an i-pad and have a fold-over cover so that pieces can be dumped onto for use on laps. 

Variations of the game 

  • The game can be made more difficult by having all of the references on one board from the same resource type.

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