Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blanks and other materials...

I got asked a few times in the last workshop where I bought various of the materials for use in the workshop. I've linked to some of the materials via Amazon on the right hand side of the page, but I bought material from various sources - I'll link to some of the key things below:

Blank Playing cards. I've been getting these from Amazon in packs of 1,000, but smaller packs are available! These are brilliant - recommend using Sharpie "type" pens to write on the shiny surface.

Counters. Loads of different counters are available, I tend to either use these packs of transparent counters, or some slightly different opaque ones (which come in different sizes).

Blank Jigsaws. Can get these from lots of places - have bought them before from Little Crafty Bugs, who do various pack sizes of the same blank jigsaw.

Blank Game boards. I've ordered "snake style" boards from Little Crafty Bugs, but the large square boards have been from GameCrafter

Spinners, meeples / game pieces, and more...  I bought lots of these from GameCrafter. This company will print your own games (I got SEEK! produced by them), but they also sell all the blanks that get printed upon. You can find a brilliant range of things on here, but be aware that the postage and packing is very expensive to the UK as they are based in the US.

Referencing Rummy

A referencing card game, based on Gin Rummy.
Thanks to Carol writing them up, instructions follow:


A card game, around picking appropriate words to create an effective search strategy based on set concepts.


A lecture theatre / large group game around the use of keywords in searching for information.

Spin to Win

A short team game aimed mainly at inductions and basic sessions, can be used with a wide range of questions to adapt the game.

Hot Source - a card game

Hot Source - a card game based on a "top trumps" style idea assessing information sources.


Bust-a-block, a library induction style game.

Castle of chaos, a quest for qualitative understanding of information

A #libraryplay board game from the London workshop.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Library crawl

First idea from the making games for libraries event in London! A treasure hunt style idea called "Library Crawl"...

Friday, 10 May 2013

London Workshop!

Next workshop is in a few days time!

This time in London, at CILIP HQ, we've another day of making games for libraries.

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We're expecting 36(!) people on the day, so once more we'll share ideas and prototypes on the blog after the event.